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Sometimes you just need to
S T O P + K I S S a horse…

Home Purchases now are complete lifestyle decisions where people decide to live based on where they love to be + what they love to do + not what they do for work.

While San Francisco and Los Angeles both saw their population dip in 2020, California Policy Lab found “no evidence of a pronounced exodus from the state,” adding that “the pandemic has not so much propelled people out of California as it has shifted them around within it.

Covid was an amplifier. Before, you needed to be a super commuter, but now, with hybrid and remote work opening up, people are saying, ‘Hey, maybe I don’t want to be completely out of the mix, but I can move over the hill and buy that house with the yard, and maybe just once a week I’ll drive into the office.

People live in California for a reason. We love our waves and our snow and our warm weather. With all the talk about crazy prices and politics, it’s easy to forget the compelling reasons people live here. And that’s why so many within California will just move to other parts of the state.

Thinking of moving to your lil’ mountain home or mini-ranch? I work with a team of experts that can guide you from septic tanks + infrastructure + pasture care + equestrian knowledge and more!

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