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Want to find out what your home is worth?

Let us send you a market report with comparable properties in your area.

Our Sales Process

1. Prepare Your Listing

Collect information about the property and prepare it for sale by cleaning and staging.

2. Competitive Pricing

Create an analysis of pricing for similar homes in the area and come up with a competitive listing price.

3. List Your Property

Get your property listed on the MLS and advertise it to known buyers through social media, open houses and other features on our website.

4. Getting & Negotiating Offers

Generate purchase agreements for every offer and discuss offers with you after agreeing on prices and terms.

5. Conducting Inspections with Buyers

Arrange meetings with the buyer and seller to review the condition of the house and all agreements for closing.

6. -- SOLD --

Exchange contracts and mark the house as SOLD and remove it from the MLS and our website.

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